We receive many reviews and letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

they went above and beyond for us.they spoke compassionately they explained to us what would take place they gave us a more than fair price..they took a huge weight off of our shoulders during whats already the hardest time of our lives. 5 stars! -Via Facebook

Kyle Walters February 22, 2021

Nick and his staff were nothing short of great when making a difficult time easier on me and my family. I will always be grateful to him and how he helprd me through a difficult time. - Via Google

Carm D'Amore

Barter & Donnan Funeral Home was very receptive to all our needs for our mother . With the recent Covid virus it changed many plans put into place for our prearrangement. They were flexible and happy to assist. A very caring business - Via Google

Audrey F. Fowler February 11, 2021

Very professional, friendly, and comforting. - Via Google

Pam Hammer

AG Cole Funeral Home did an excellent Job with setting up the funeral for my friend. They seemed to care about the family and friends very much. - Via Google

Donna Krowne

Nick & Bill were fantastic. Very helpful during a tough time. And their follow-up was great. Helped when I created an error, they went above & beyond to help fix my mistake. Top-notch professionals. - Via Google

Steve Hespelt

We have worked with Cole's for many years for our family. They are always helpful, courteous and caring. I appreciate everything they did for my mom. Awesome staff. -Via Google

Barbara Burton

Nick & the staff are some of the most caring people I've ever met. I wouldn't recommend any other place to go in such a time of despair. They truly make the process easier and help carry the burden of losing a loved one. - Via Google

Thomas February 01, 2021

Nick and his staff were excellent. Caring and compssionate. Nick was very helpful and there to answer any questions. He did a great job with every little detail. I would highly recommend the A.G. Cole Funeral Home... and.. again... thanks Nick... - Via Google

Debbie Quinn January 12, 2020

The staff at AG Cole are so warm and friendly. They think of things that we forgot about during such a turbulent time. They come to you, often times. I have had to use them on three occasions in the past few years. Each time, they were caring, cost effective and very thoughtful. Wonderful team of good people!!!!! - Via Google

Richard Luck August 16, 2020

They were very helpful assisting me and my family with my father’s final arrangement.

Christina Simone-Novak October 16, 2020

Can't thank them enough. Bill was super helpful and went out of his way many times to make sure all the details were handled properly. The service was wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a nicer service. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. - Via Facebook

Harry May 20, 2018

everything helped with every little bit of the passing the best they could to make it feel like there was no weight on your shoulders - Via Facebook

Ethan Tinker January 18, 2019

Nick and the staff are always courteous and helpful which is so important at a time like this. I would recommend them to everyone. - Via Facebook

Rick Bellinger August 19, 2019

Thank for being so compassionate and kind during this hard time. Being miles away in CA you were able to help with and make this process easier for us. Thank you again!! - Via Facebook

Breanna Roth March 26, 2020

Excellent service Very helpful, caring staff -Via Facebook

Tia Wright November 18, 2020

A.G. Cole Funeral home just recently had the services for my grandmother. They did a beautiful job with her and the atmosphere was very pleasant and peaceful. Our family always uses them for years - Via Facebook

Monique Hornidge January 08, 2021

They were very professional , kind and compassionate people♥️ -Via Facebook

Robin February 12, 2021

Thanks so much for your care of Del- he looked so natural-it meant a lot to our family. We appreciated your kindness to our family during the time of the funeral.

Pierce April 12, 2013

Everyone was very compassionate, helpful, and quick to respond to our needs. We appreciate all that they did for us. - Via Google

Phyllis W

We have been using this funeral home in the family for many many years. Now recently with my Dad's passing. I have nothing but great works for what both Nick and Bill did and still do. They were very accommodating, friendly, compassionate and left nothing to the imagination. Everything was covered and more. Thank you Nick and Bill from the Montini family!!! - Via Google

Bill Montini April 21, 2020

The staff at A G Cole Funeral Home handled our arrangements with our wishes in mind. They made our needs their priority. - Via Google

Stephanie Cruz

Very caring and considerate - Via Google

Amy Seeley

I Had My Husband Laid Out At AJ Coles in 2007 He was a Vetren I was Very Pleased n Nick Was Very Kind n Compasstionate n Then In 2013 I had My Mom Laid Out There Also I Can't Say Anything Bad About This Funeral Parlor Once Again Nick Was Very Kindn Compasstionate Marie Postorino WasVeryCareing n Kind - Via Google

Marie Postorino April 15, 2020

Everyone was very helpful and they did a wonderful job taking care of my mom and our request. I will recommend them to everyone and will call them again if there is a need. - Via Google

Johnny Johnson

Prompt to call back. Understanding in a time of grief. They were excellent in explaining all aspects involved. - Via Google

P Turnball February 08, 2020

Everyone was great at communicating throughout the entire process. Every call/email/text they were able to help answer all the questions and concerns we had being miles away in CA. Thank you! -Via Google

Breanna Roth December 15, 2020

The entire staff at AG Cole Funeral home was very professional the entire time my family was going through the grieving of my brother. They were very accommodating and self serving for my entire family. Thank you all at AG Cole. - Via Google

Baelee B October 27, 2020

They were wonderful when my mother passed. They took care of everything so I had no worries. I am so grateful! - Via Google

Mary Boulware October 18, 2020

He did a wonderful job for our family and we appreciate it -Via Facebook

Lorna November 01, 2017

PRE-PLAN PRE-PLAN PRE-PREPLAN- Our Family circumstances were a little different but, I can not say enough about how much easier having the pre-plan done helped at the time of our uncles funeral. Bill was key to explaining and helping us implement this, thank you Bill! It aleviated all the running around at the last minute, all the choices to be made, all the documentation to be found, all the guess work, and most of all SOME of the family disagreements about what should or could be done especially when coming from out of state. The whole staff was wonderful at helping me ensure that our uncles wishes and our small wishes for him were given to him as the last things we could do for him. The services were done just as we had wished and Coles Funeral Home went above and beyond and I cannot thank them enough. Feel assured that your loved one will be taken care of will Coles. Respectfully, Tammy Anderson-Loux - Via Facebook

Tammy Anderson-Loux January 09, 2019

I want to thank the Coles Funeral Home for everything they have done .They are very professional ,and kindness they give I thank you from the bottom of my heart Thank you Deborah Jackson - Via Facebook

Deborah Jackson April 06, 2019

very nice people to deal with cant thank them enough Eunice Smith - Via Facebook

Eunice Beekman December 15, 2019

My Mom passed away rather suddenly during the cover 19 Pandemic and to say the very least it made a very sad situation harder. It was particularly hard to make any type of arrangements and Mr. Nick Canizzo took such a burden off my shoulders . He was professional yet sincere, prompt and loving. Any questions I had, and I had many and changed my mind about some things a million times, he was there to make changes as needed never making me feel silly or dramatic. Thank you AG Funeral Home and especially Nick Cannizzo. - Via Facebook

Tina Kruger March 13, 2020

Very caring and trustworthy during the worst time of my life - Via Facebook

Nick Simon III January 14, 2021

Your service is wonderful. Your staff is very helpful and caring through our saddest time. My brother passed away in December and your staff Bill was there to help us through this heartbreaking time. I would recommend anyone to come to you Thank you for all you do to make things so much easier for our families. William C Wilder Jr’s family - Via Facebook

Brenda Smith January 20, 2021

In life there are many paths you can take and many people who share the journey...but it's the special people who help you along the way, and its the most important people who care enough to give of themselves unconditionally. Thank you for being one of those special people.

Strait April 16, 2013

On behalf of our family please accept our heartfelt thanks for everything you did for us. We could not have felt more supported or cared for during this very difficult time. From the time you showed up in the middle of that awful night, to the handling of the momentos and pictures at the church reception, you provided a consistancy of support that got us through this. With thanks and appreciation!

Pierce April 08, 2013